One Foot Out The Door


Photo Credit: Dante Marshall

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of new talent. One of the artists that really stand out is producer/songwriter Mike Posner. The best way for me to describe his music is magical. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him both in a studio setting as well as shooting some of his live performances and he brings just as much energy to a studio photo shoot as he does to the stage. If you have not heard any of his music make sure you download One Foot Out The Door off iTunes when you get a chance.

People ask me which do I prefer to photograph more, music or models. I can honestly say that I do not have a preference.  I enjoy shooting fashion and models just as much as I enjoy shooting live shows and artists. They both have pros and cons but overall I don’t see one outweighing the other. Its exciting when you can connect with whomever you are working with and capture exactly what it is that you envisioned in one shot. I ask both musicians and models all the time what the photographers name is that shot specific images in there portfolios or press kits. Often times they do not even remember the photographers names. I never want to be that photographer who’s name was forgotten. That’s not what I do this for, I would like to be remembered and mentioned with those that produced timeless images. Its going to be a long journey… That’s fine with me, I doubt I’d want it if it were accessible to the masses.


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