Avedon’s instructions to his printer


The time and effort that went into photos back when people had an appreciation for art. Now models go to kinkos and print photos, place them in a folder and call it a portfolio.  I refuse to settle, nor will I work with those type of people.

Somewhere along the line the people that I come across on the daily forgot what quality was. Not just with photography or music but it even goes as far as the quality of life. They are living to impress others and always feel they have something to prove so in the process they begin to make the moves they see others making instead of living for themselves, doing what they love doing. With all these social networking sites its easy to get trapped up in the trending topic of the day. Just try to stay focused and remember that quality is important. You can lie to the people but you cant lie yourself…

I think sometime earlier this year I almost forgot what quality was… Took a small break from fashion photography to get my mind right. Now I feel I am ready again.



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