Post your Progress

photo credit: dante marshall shot with iphone

When I first started this photography stuff I was so excited to post photos online. I wouldn’t even look through the whole shoot before I found myself opening photoshop to resize and post. After a few years and a few busy summers I’ve realized that I am not as enthused as I was when I was getting started. I am not sure if it is because I felt like I had something to prove at that time or if I was just craving the attention or loved the fact that people were gassing me. By that I mean telling me exactly what I wanted to hear and made me feel good about my amateur photography.

Now, Its not that I don’t want the world to see my photos because that is not the case at all. I guess after awhile you learn that people are going to tell you that everything you do is good. Either because they don’t know any better, they don’t want to hurt your feelings or they are so comfortable telling you that your work is hot that they cant think of any other words to express themselves. Not saying the work is not good its just sometimes you need more then “oh yeah thats nice!” If you plan to get better.

Not to ramble but I guess what I am getting at is you have to post your progress. Not for others but for yourself. Its great when you can blog and or take notes on what you are doing, this way you have the opportunity look back a year later and compare and critique yourself. Its a great way to keep tabs on the progress that you’ve made in your career.


4 thoughts on “Post your Progress

  1. I tried to tell people for a long time that this is how I feel when it comes to my work. I use to love doing graphics for myself, people took notice to it and told me I was dope. Started doing work for people and my love for it just went down hill. So I know exactly where you are coming from. I’m trying to reach out and touch on other forms of art, but still staying close to what I know. Branch off to other things… maybe one day my passion for graphics will come back if I focus on other things. That is why I wanted to get more into retouching photos.

  2. This is very, very true. Fortunately, my progress has always been posted, as my articles are all over the net, magazines and newspapers for everyone to see. Plus, I’ve got mentors that are loyal and honest, so they let me know when I’m growing and when I’m regressing.

  3. I’m guessing that maybe the LOVE for it depends also on the GOALS we actually set … if we only wanted to be dope and hear and see that from people, the interest in the Art kind of finishes there maybe because we see the comfort zone … but if the GOALS are much bigger, i guess you forever will be hungry to get there and you will love witnessing progress

    That’s how i feel anyway … im really still an amateur but its nice to keep BIG Goals so that you know never to stop 😉

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