Dont Be Afraid

photo credit: dante marshall

Take a chance. Sometimes when you are in school they teach you structure and how to achieve the results of those that work at your local portrait studio. Nothing wrong with that but you have to know where to draw the line and step out the box. Work with what you have and create. Every shot does not have to be in focus and in color. Who is to say what a good shot is supposed to look like?

If you ever have any questions as to how I get certain shots please do not be afraid to ask. No ideas original and I do not mind sharing techniques with those that follow the blog.


4 thoughts on “Dont Be Afraid

  1. ur 100 percent right on the school part, they only teach you the technical aspect but when it comes to concept and creativity its always go the straight route.

  2. Those who did boy choose to go to school always seem to what to find things to say to undermine the clear advantages of it. In ADDITION to learning the techniques (which are not only neccessary, but is the foundation or which creativity is built). School also provides an enviorment of like minded people, who are there both to learn and share knowledge. The idea that creativity is lost in higher education is absurd. When determining what goes on in school, it’s best that one attends an acutal semester, than rely on the stories of others.

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