“how did you come up with that idea?!” I am not sure how to answer those types of questions. I am not trying to be different, I understand that no idea is original. I’d like to be happy. So I try to find things that excite me or make me feel good. Which is why this is not a blog that will have the same post that every other blog has. Simply because I can careless where your favorite celebrity is vacationing. I post my work, not only to keep you updated on the things that I do but for me to mark my progress. This way I can look back and actually remember where I was yesterday. (sometimes I get lost)

The best thing for me to do is post the things I come across that I think are cool or inspire me. A collection of my thoughts for everyone to view. Its cool to read interviews about people but its even better to be able to go to a blog and connect with someone that you feel you share common interest with and see whats going through their head at the time. We feed off of what we see each day. Keep positive energy around you. try something new. change up your playlist a little bit. Read something you wouldn’t normally read. If you force yourself to do that you will start to see change. Hopefully its for the best.

I post the things that make me feel good…

be free, be inspired.


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