full speed

photo credit: dante marshall

Things are moving fast, sometimes it feels like I have skipped a few hours in the day and a few days in the week. Thank you again for the support you all have shown over the years.

A few weeks ago I ran across one of the first clients I had ever worked with. coincidentally he stopped by the new photography studio, looked around and said looks like you are still at it… I was thinking to myself why wouldn’t I be? I am not doing it for anyone but myself. People get so caught up in trying to prove things to others they never take the time out to realize they are not even happy with the direction they are going in. You are not obligated to please anyone…

Make sure you know who you are working for. Work hard. Only put your foot on the brake at red lights and stop signs. if the light is green I recommend you go full speed. As my friend P.L. would say… NO BRAKES!


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