success full of change

cash rules everything around me…

If you let money control how much fun you have you will be miserable for quite sometime. Never measure your success with the same ruler you measure your money with. More money never means more success.

Honestly, the most exciting part seems to always be what you encounter on your journey to the money. The people you meet, the places and things you see, you learn so much… The ups, the downs and everything in between. Make sure you take time out to enjoy the long narrow road to success. Once you’ve reached what most would classify as success you realize that you’ve had to compromise, and sacrifice many times. on that journey. Stormy weather is not always a bad thing.

Some of you may not yet understand and may look at this entry like what kinda craziness is this fool Dante talking. You came here to see new photos/videos and he is giving a rev run speech. (He must be broke!) Lol, thats not the case. I’ve been pretty busy lately and I’ve neglected those that come to my blog looking for substance. Its always good to hear/read the thoughts of another artist just to make sure you are not going crazy and that you are still on the right track. Its a reminder that you are not the only one that is starting to notice the things that we have to give up or work on as artists. I do not get a chance to talk to my friends as much as I did when we first got started but when we do catch up it seems this is something that always comes up.

Once what was once a dream starts to develop and really shape into reality you begin to see the problems that come with being successful and even more problems arise when you realize what has changed because of the money. You’d think that once you get money you would have no more problems right? lol, things are moving fast, try your best not to lose control.

For those that are still seeking direction and are getting a bit frustrated when trying to figure out what the next step may be… Just remember to make the most of your situation and enjoy every last bit of your journey. Keep record of the obstacles you face on your way to the top… These are the things that shape you into the person you will turn into. People say they do not change when they get a little fame or success. I find this hard to believe. If you do not change how have you grown at all? Either way just roll with the punches and enjoy every last bit of it.

These things come and go. You do not want to be the only one in your camp that did not get a chance to enjoy it. Make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Oh and one other thing, I know that you think you have to work harder than everyone else to get to the next level. This is somewhat true but that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. Make sure you take sometime out for yourself, spend time with those that you care about.

When you wake up in the morning you dont have to hop in the shower and get straight to work. Relax a little bit. wake up, fix breakfast do nothing for 20-30 mins… Clear your head and then get started. If you are always in a rush and you feel like you are running out of time then you probably are. Remember you are what you pretend to be. Just remember to take things at your pace.

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3 thoughts on “success full of change

  1. good entry. it’s nice to hear from you once in awhile and get inside your mind and see what the man behind the camera thinks, feels, or runs across in his everyday life.

    the key is to work smarter, not harder. you don’t have to struggle to grow. in some cases, struggle comes with growth but the most fun part is the way you got there. the ups and downs are what makes you stronger. that’s why people that inherit success don’t appreciate it. they knew as a kid they’d inherit something great or hire people to continue a legacy that was already created. starting from scratch can teach you lessons, can be fun, can be sad… but they define you.

    on a side note: money is the root of all evil, or so they say. some of the most unhappy people are people that thought they had everything. you can’t buy a good wife/husband, you can’t buy peace of mind, you can’t buy a good family. the intangible are what mean most… in my opinion. don’t get me wrong, money helps lol.

    diligence is key… but there should always be a work life balance or you’ll drive yourself mad.


  2. This is a fantastic post, homie. I’ve been trying to make a point to enjoy every step of the journey myself, and even though certain parts are tough, I enjoy the struggle because I love finding solutions to problems.

    Taking time out to relax and have fun is ESSENTIAL. That’s one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success, and it’s dope to see someone who understands and values that.

    Keep inspiring,


  3. This is an awesome post Dante to say the least it definitely puts things into perspective especially for us upcoming artist whether it be singer, producer,director. it’s always good to hear from someone who is a step further in the game & reach out when you really don’t have to, I respect you for that and happy to have your blog as one of my daily dosages(not even sure if that’s a word

    This post is the bomb-dot-com!!
    SN: did you receive my email?

    Brandy B.

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