last shot

photo credit: dante marshall

Today I had a photoshoot with Carmen Johnson. This was our last time working together before she officially moves to the west coast later this week. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Carmen many times over the years. Being that she was one of the first signed models that Ford sent me when I started working with the agencies. This was also our first and last time working in this studio. Jimmy Johns sandwiches, bottles of Moet at 1PM in the afternoon, a playlist mixed with a variety of pop, soft rock and ambient music blasting from the speakers attached to an aluminum Macbook. The energy was different this time around. The team we worked with was different but thats not why the energy was different. I can’t put my finger on it just yet but things were different. Not in a bad way… Just different. I guess its like a new beginning for her. Maybe its a new beginning for us all. Above is the last shot that we took of the day. Just so happens to be a shot I kinda like…

dont be afraid to take the last shot… or the first.

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