briefly speaking

This week we finally caught up on most of the work we did not finish up at the end of last year. A lot is happening right now. We are in a great place going into this year. The team is family and I feel we get closer each day. We agreed to make sure we work on more exciting projects at the beginning of this year. Towards the end of 2011 The Art Direction started to take on larger projects that were not as fun but paid well. We are trying our best not to get caught up in the same cycle this year.

I also had a few things that I told myself I was going to personally try to improve on. One of those things being that I need to shoot much more this year. People that met me in 2011 probably have no clue that I am a photographer only because I have not been posting much work. Speaking of work, I did a shoot for StyleLine Magazine yesterday that was lots of fun.

The photo was shot by the newest member to The Art Direction family Jasmine. We actually played around and took a few photos together this earlier this week. The photo below being one of them.

Another thing I plan to work on is our timelines. 2011 we had a few projects that went on much longer than they should have. A lot of that had to do with us moving at speeds we were not at all use to. I had no clue we would be moving as fast as we have been and it took us a little while to adapt to it all. Slow and steady growth. If my friends Coco && Breezy are reading this I am sorry for taking so long on the video ladies. I promise I am sending it over tomorrow. 🙂

The next thing is to show my face more… Let people know what the hell is going on! I plan to start accepting more of the interviews people ask me to do and speak on more panels and cool stuff like that. Who knows, I may be able to inspire a few people this year. I have been asked to be one of the panelist to speak at the Revitalization and Business Conference at The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan on  January 20th, 2012. I am always flattered by these sorts of  opportunities. To receive invitations to these sorts of things are awesome but to be personally asked to be apart of a panel is super exciting. I did not go to school for this so to be able to tell my story and know that it is not necessary the most conventional way of doing things is exciting.

I have a laundry list of other shit that I could write about but here it is almost 5:00am and I am already going against one of the things on that list which would be try to create normal hours for myself… Meaning take my ass to sleep at a reasonable time. Oh and I started taking vitamins a few months ago. I don’t really feel a difference but maybe thats how I know they are working? Who knows…

Off to bed for me. Another long day of work tomorrow. Cool Auto Show stuff.

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