Motor City Rising

It is clear that Detroit is the underdog. However, you should never count the underdog out. This was a very exciting project to be apart of. To work with other young creatives who want to help shine light on Detroit.

People in the city have made everything a competition. If you are doing better than you were yesterday people in your own neighborhood say that you’ve changed and those that you once thought were friends are no longer viewed as such. It is really hard to move as fast as they do in other markets when you are surrounded by individuals who do not want you to succeed. This is one of the reasons the talent from Michigan relocates as soon as they get an opportunity elsewhere.

I am doing my best to help as many people as possible but you have to be open to growth. I know young black men who are afraid to even speak to white men. People who do not reach out to us for our help because they do not want to look stupid. So many questions go unanswered simply because you do not want people to look at you like you are silly. These things have to stop.

1.Show each other more support in the city. We will retweet the dumbest shit about Kim K. and Kanye but when it comes to something that may be beneficial to us all we look right over those tweets.
2. Get more involved with those who are doing something positive. Stop using the fact that you are young as an excuse.

Once people allow themselves to open up to change… Change will come. Lol, I promise I am not trying to sound like I am campaigning.

Rambling and didn’t even explain what these videos were about.

Earlier this year we (@theartdirection) along with a handful of other creatives had an awesome film crew that we were able to collaborate with while we worked on various projects to help uplift the city of Detroit. The show is called Motor City Rising and its pretty self explanatory. It is about young creatives in the city of Detroit who continue to rise against the odds. Above are two teaser videos from the series Motor City Rising.

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