DJ Mo Beatz X Adidas


Detroit Music

The image above was taken in 2009. Some of the artists in the image have went on to reach heights that I am sure not even they would’ve imagined at the time the image was taken. Others, still working on it. The image means a lot to me for a number of reasons. More than likely I will explain down the road.
The image below is a little more recent. If you are from Detroit I am sure you see at least 1-2 familiar faces in these photographs. Dont be afraid to comment. I know that a few are missing in the image below. I’d love to get them in the next time around.

Oh and congrats to Paigion and Shorty Da Prince. Words cant express how happy I am for you both!


Styling On You!

Guess who got a chance to style their very first magazine spread! Me! 🙂 Not saying this makes me a stylist at all. I had an amazing fashion assistant during the shoot who actually knew way more about the styling than I did. I was running around Saks pretty lost a few times throughout the day. Excited to share the photos with you all. from the shoot though… Oh yeah, I was the photographer as well.